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Oven stopped working without any previous warning? Fridge or freezer not working properly? No electricity in just one room of your house? Perhaps you have no electricity in just one room. It can be difficult for you to identify the problems yourself. What you need to do is call us for an electric equipment fault finding service.

The following are the services we offer:
• Electric equipment trouble shooting in both domestic and commercial premises
• A quality range of test equipment to identify all types of fault
• Replacement of defective equipment and components
• Analysing circuits
• Finding exact problems in wiring and equipment of your house

You may be experiencing:
• Tripping or blowing fuses
• Tripping of RCD (residual current device)
• Persistent blowing of light bulbs
• Smell burning plastic
• Intermittent electric shocks from sockets or light switches

Finding the exact problem in the circuits and equipment can be really difficult sometimes even for expert electricians. Electracare work very systematically and can provide an electric equipment problem solving service for you. We move step by step in order to identify the exact problem. Usually the problem is solved by replacing the problem part in order to ensure that everything is working and is 100% safe again.

We do not work like other electricians as there are some things that make us different from others. We provide you with free quotations plus when it comes to fixing the problems we find during, we make sure that everything is replaced in accordance with the national standards of wiring and equipment installation.


  • Visual Inspections
  • Earth-bond Tests
  • Insulation-resistance Tests
  • Flash Testing
  • Load Tests
  • Earth-leakage Test
  • Functional Checks
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